Mister Master

Tacoma, Wa

Mister Master is a shaggy, disheveled, and wild-eyed quartet out of Tacoma, Washington that aims to create a sonic confluence between two important parts of the Pacific Northwest’s musical heritage: the psychedelic rock of the 70’s and the rhythmic grunge of the 90’s. Their unkempt appearance is a product of the riotous levels of energy they produce on stage, an energy that can easily captivate those in attendance. Well known for their raucous live set, they’ve proven they have the chops to rock larger venues like the Columbia City Theater and the Hard Rock Café as well as the versatility to groove intimate spaces like the Rendezvous and the High Dive.


brandt parke

“Mister Master is a band that killed it on our radio show. You have to root for these guys…” -Spud Goodman, The Spud Goodman Radio Show

Mark christensen

Drums & Percussion
“Mister Master has mastered laying down a grungy, bluesy, psychedelic groove, all while being extremely pleasant to work with… Mister!” -Dana Sims, Talent Buyer/Owner- El Corazon/Funhouse

Eric phinney

Their interactions as a band are entertaining and their ability to connect at a deep level with their audience is a beautiful thing to witness.” -Raymond Hayden, CEO- Maurice The Fish Records


Lead Vocals
“Mister Master is a band that has time warped straight out of the 70s… Back to a time where your moves on stage were equally as important as the music being performed. -Raymond Hayden, CEO- Maurice The Fish Records